Available career opportunities

As of July 2019, we are recruiting:

Master theses

We strive to offer positions for students doing their master thesis each semester.

During the first semester 2019, we have two students writing a master thesis on the topic of process automation for summarizing surgical videos through artificial intelligence, by using programming and machine learning techniques.

During the second semester 2019, there will likely be a master thesis opportunity to continue on the same or similar topic. Other relevant areas are 3D and UX/user interface design, for example.

However - we are not the only ones with good ideas! If you have suggestions for topics in other areas, do contact us - please send your CV, application letter (and link to LinkedIn-profile if available) to per.wilhelmsson@medicalimagingtechnologies.com.

Temporary summer employment

During 2019, there will likely be 1-2 openings for temporary summer employment at Medical Imaging Technologies, either with our R&D team or our service and support team.

To work with the R&D team, programming skills in .Net and #C are required.

To work with service and support, we think that you have some prior knowledge in networks or electrical engineering.

If you have prior experience or specialize in interactive design, UX or usablity, you may also apply.

Please send your CV, application letter (and link to LinkedIn-profile if available) to per.wilhelmsson@medicalimagingtechnologies.com if you are interested in this opportunity.

About us

About us

We provide complete integration and management of audio-visual information for hospitals. Read more about our company here.
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