BarraQuda is a management system for interventional labs and operating theatres with multiple functionalities.

Optimized inventory and order handling

With no need for counting, BarraQuda gives you precise control over your inventory and helps achieve efficient capital management.

Personnel management

Hospital management can use BarraQuda to track usage of interventional labs and operating theatres and staff presence at procedures. Eventually, this supports more efficient management of labs and operating rooms.

Cost control

Using the statistics in BarraQuda you can, for example, track the development of inventory value over time, the number of medical products used, and the order value to a specific supplier during a set time period. Having a better overview of suppliers and actual usage can help hospitals attain better negotiation powers.

Easy patient administration

BarraQuda imports DICOM worklists and lets you create standard lists of medical products for each type of procedure, contributing to quick and secure medical procedures.

Optimized inventory and order handling

How much time do you spend taking inventory and correcting duplicate orders? Are your stock volumes optimized for your actual usage? BarraQuda brings precise control over your inventory – with no need for counting. Scan incoming products to add them to your stock and scan used products to get automatic order suggestions. Let BarraQuda optimize your stock management and reduce the time spent placing orders and controlling inventory levels.

Order management

Scanning used medical products generates automatic order suggestions in BarraQuda, with quantities based on your selected minimum stock levels, average consumption and delivery times. Review and send orders by your preferred method (for example e-mail, fax or post) to your suppliers with the click of a button. While waiting for delivery, you can keep track of order status and incoming deliveries in the system to avoid placing duplicate orders and thus reduce stock waste. Upon delivery from suppliers, scan the incoming batches of medical products to add them to the inventory.

Consignment handling

BarraQuda can also keep track of consignment products, allowing you to inform the supplier when a consignment product has been used and replacing the need for continuous stocktaking by the supplier.

Extensive database of cardiology products

Bildteknik has an extensive list of cardiology consumables and products. This standard list of products helps you create a database of your inventory in BarraQuda, to get started with smarter, more efficient inventory and order management.

Cost control

BarraQuda lets you track the development of value of goods in your inventory instantly and over time.

With the statistics in BarraQuda, you can also track the total or average cost of a certain type of medical procedure, the number of medical products used, and the total order value to suppliers during a set time period, for instance. Export statistics to Excel for further analysis, with lab usage and procedure data serving as tools for efficient lab/theatre and worklist planning over time.

Prior studies demonstrate that using a flexible procurement strategy helps to reduce storage and capital tie-up costs. Using BarraQuda technology, one particular interventional radiology department cut costs by EUR 52,000 – equivalent to 14.7% of annual expenses. 1,2

Add standard materials required for specific procedure types in order to track, for example, staff time and material costs.

1. Cost analysis in interventional radiology – a tool to optimize management costs, Clevert DA et al, Institute of Clinical Radiology, University of Munich, Germany, European Journal of Radiology, 2007 Jan;61(1):144-9.

2. Materials management system in interventional radiology – initial experience with a computer-supported program, Clevert DA et al, RöFo – Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren. 2004 Oct;176(10):1475-80.

Easy patient administration

BarraQuda retrieves patient information via DICOM worklists through HIS/RIS connectivity but also allows registration of unscheduled patients.

Healthcare staff can add used medical products during or after the procedure, manually or through using the hand-held scanner. You can also create pre-set lists of standard medical products used for a medical procedure to save time.

For completed procedures, BarraQuda can generate examination reports in PDF.

How it works

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