The Sahlgrenska Neuro intervention lab is in world class when it comes to acute stroke care. Their work relies on a tight chain of care where each minute counts to reduce future issues for each patient. The departments work of improvement has been ongoing for many years and for our Swedish readers more details of their results can be found here:

Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset i världsklass när det gäller vård av akut stroke

The department sees FluororStore as an important part of their work and their first installation has been used since 2010, with upgrades since then. Now we are happy to have installed the expansion in 2022. Neuro Intervention and Endovascular Abdominal Intervention.

These are the benefits described by Dennis Dunker, Chief Physician and Section Manager:

1. Black-box - A system you didn’t not know you needed until it was too late. Life-threatening situation appears, but no installed system to record it or if you have recording facilities, you did not have the time to start it.

a. Completely automized system

b. Works autonomously in the back-ground and laying on of hands is not necessary

2. Easy navigation in the recorded material

3. Necessary to guarantee the patient safety

4. Makes it easy and simple to create presentation production of education material

5. Combined with Bildtekniks Central Server solution

a. Cost efficient storage, easy to access

We are happy that the staff at Sahlgrenska are eager to take part in the development of not only themselves but also in FluoroStore. One example of this is that we are in the final phase of developing a function which gives the clinicians the opportunity to perform remote assistance live.

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