FluoroStore offers comprehensive functionality for monoplane and biplane fluoroscopy.

Automatic fluoroscopy recording

Long fluoroscopy procedures, common in neuro-radiology, for instance, generate large volumes of image data. To preserve storage space and limit costs, normally only radiographs are saved in PACS. FluoroStore is a fluoroscopy management system that records automatically as the pedal is pressed. Optionally, recording can be started with the click of a button. All fluoroscopic sequences and radiographic images are saved locally, for example in a NAS-storage. FluoroStore can then be used to view or edit image material directly from your local workstation — with no loss of image quality. It is also possible to send selected sequences to PACS.

Handle large volumes of image data


Save all fluoroscopic sequences and radiographic images locally, with the option to send to PACS. Synchronized recording of frontal and lateral plane image sequences.


Quick search functionality for reviewing images directly from your workstation. Synchronized playback of frontal and lateral plane image sequences. Review images from any connected workstation throughout the hospital.


Create sequences of interest and export to a local file or send to PACS.


Archive and store images locally, for example in a NAS-storage, to reduce PACS storage costs.

Manage monoplane and biplane imaging

FluoroStore can be used for monoplane as well as biplane imaging and offers parallel and synchronized recording and playback of frontal and lateral plane image sequences. Recording is done automatically. Reviewing of sequences can be done directly from the workstation.

Reduce storage costs

Use FluoroStore to complement the X-ray machine’s storage function and save image data from procedures while keeping PACS storage requirements and associated costs low. With FluoroStore, it is cheaper to save complete image material from long procedures because all data is saved in a storage solution outside of the PACS system. You can also choose to send selected or edited sequences to PACS.

When you need to review a prior examination, FluoroStore offers quick search functionality in the archives.


• Vendor-neutral, integrated with the X-ray system

• Patient registration via DICOM worklist or manual entry – modality worklist functionality

• Automatic recording of fluoroscopy

• Works with monoplane and/or biplane (frontal and lateral)

• Synchronized recording of biplane fluoroscopic sequences (frontal and lateral)

• No loss of image quality

• Database for quick archive searching

• Adjust brightness and contrast, zoom

• Frame by frame viewing

• Add annotations

• Export sequences


• Automatic and synchronized recording

• Save money on storage of long procedures

• Diagnostic image quality maintained

• Easy to create educational material

• Reduce PACS storage requirements and cost

How it works


• Connections: DVI-, HDMI-, SDI- or analogue VGA video standard

• Dual-channel digitalization of high resolution video

• X-ray images are transferred from the X-ray machine to FluoroStore using fiber-optic, galvanically isolated cables

• Image transmission to PACS via DICOM store (optional)

• Connected to RIS via DICOM Modality Worklist (SCU)

• Runs on Windows 7 or 10 (32/64 bit)

• PC dimensions: 200mm x 500mm x 500mm (W x H x D)

• PC weight: 12kg

• I/O module dimensions: 130mm x 180mm x 60mm (W x H x D)

• I/O module weight: 1kg

• Monitor (30”) dimensions: 700mm x 470mm x 310mm (W x H x D)

• Monitor (30”) weight: 17kg

• Up to 1280×1024

• Up to 15 FPS

• Power consumption: 500W

• Minimum hardware requirements: Intel Xeon 4-core 3.0GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD

• Requires minimum 100MBit Ethernet

• Data storage: yes, 2TB (local) or Central Storage (NAS) solution

• IP class: IP 23

• Operating temperature: +10 to +28°C

• Storage temperature: +10 to +28°C

• Relative humidity: 30-75%

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