Image archiving in its right context

HemoStore’s main functionality is to combine, present and archive predefined and synchronised combinations of diagnostic data.

HemoStore is a system for coronary X-ray examinations. Used for documentation of intravascular pressure measurement, hemodynamic information and intravascular ultrasound. The images are stored in PACS together with the X-ray examinations. View and document where the FFR or IVUS catheter is placed in the vessel.

Instant presentation of relevant clinical information

Select angio with any connected modality and export to DICOM (PACS) as still image or as a video sequence. Setup of image positioning can be made by touch and drag. HemoStore touch panel is mounted on the bedside rail on the cathlab table for easy access for the user. HemoStore provides a synchronized view and documentation of the IVUS exam together with the angio.

The physician can now, in a new and unique way, be assured of the exact position of the IVUS catheter transducer within the coronary artery during an IVUS pull back. This combined and synchronized presentation facilitates accurate stent sizing and placement for optimal acute (and chronic) results.

Co-register any connected modality with angio


Product features

  • Assembling relevant clinical information
  • Instant presentation of relevant clinical information
  • Archiving of relevant clinical information


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