Complete solution for medical image management

InVision is a complete solution for medical image management for any imaging, monitoring, video and audio in hospitals.

Total integration, truly vendor-neutral

InVision provides total integration, meaning all types of signal sources and imaging modalities with all sorts of hospital IT systems. The integration is truly vendor-neutral, meaning that InVision can integrate any make or model from any supplier.

Ready-to-use with scalability

As it includes all software and hardware needed, InVision is a ready to-use system that is installed and serviced by us over time. Thanks to its scalability, InVision can also serve as a platform for custom-made installations.

Comprehensive functionality

Featuring comprehensive functionality that can be tailored to suit your needs, InVision works like a routing engine for displaying at choice. In addition, InVision can capture and record – ad hoc or continuously – to act as the hospital’s black box. If needed, InVision can serve as a local PACS through its archiving function and expandable data storage. Plus, InVision is a proficient DICOM viewer for the review of recorded or stored material.

Optimal collaboration

InVision facilitates optimal collaboration and creates connectivity between procedure rooms, departments and hospitals. Images can quickly be shared with colleagues without compromising patient data safety. Medical video conferences in full HD can be held within the department as well as with the remote multi-disciplinary team. Furthermore, InVision can be used for virtual lectures by broadcasting from the procedure room to students in an auditorium or to medical congresses. Also enabling remote presence, InVision allows inviting a remote proctor for specialist training, as well as a doctor on call or medical experts in emergency situations.

Hospital-wide applications

InVision has standard configurations for use both in operating rooms and catheter labs. It is also intended for use in radiology departments, endoscopy suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units and other departments performing image guided procedures. The system is ideal for new projects as well as retrofits.





Equipment of any type, make and model

InVision integrates imaging, monitoring, video and audio. InVision offers truly vendor-neutral integration, integrating any make or model from any supplier.




IT systems of all sorts

InVision integrates seamlessly with many hospital IT systems, such as PACS, HIS/RIS and EHR. This means that InVision can receive and use DICOM worklists, save to PACS and open files that are stored in the PACS system.

Comprehensive functionality

Routing engine

Similar to a routing engine, InVision captures imaging, monitoring, video and audio signals, enabling routing of images for displaying at choice.

Black box

InVision can act as the hospital’s black box by capturing and recording, ad hoc or continuously.

Local PACS

Through its archiving function and expandable data storage, InVision can serve as a local PACS if needed.

DICOM viewer

Bringing the functionality of a DICOM viewer, InVision can be used to review recorded or stored material.


Easy to use

InVision features an easy to use three-button unit that lets you start/stop synchronized recording, take a snapshot or change between connected image modalities/sources.


By routing live images to any monitor in the room and using preconfigurable layouts, InVision consolidates multiple live image sources. The synchronized images can be viewed before, during and after a medical procedure at any integrated workstation.
Simple functionality such as the three-button unit allows easy switching between connected modalities and layouts. The three button unit can also be used to start/stop recording and take snapshots of the monitor.
Automatic source recognition means that images appear instantly on monitors across the procedure room when modalities are connected, making it easy to handle mobile equipment.
As InVision is a tailor-made solution, it works with any pre-existing or new monitor of your choice.



Remote consultation

Second opinion

MDT/Patient review meeting

Whether to a nearby conference room, for remote consultations, second opinions or multi disciplinary team (MDT) meetings, virtual conferencing for sharing medical images is made possible with InVision.
Images are shared in lossless quality. In live case transmissions to conference rooms, students or colleagues can follow the live procedure without being present in the procedure room. The audience can ask questions and select what image source to display.
For MDT/patient review meetings, InVision features synchronized image review with shared playback control.




InVision distributes high-quality live medical images and bi-directional audio to collaborators inside or outside the hospital. This helps medical teams collaborate with team members in different locations.
The system also enables virtual lectures for teaching students or lecturing for peers, where the audience can select what image source to display and ask questions during the live procedure.
InVision features live broadcasting with encrypted, password protected transmission signals on dedicated cloud servers with guaranteed bandwidth.


Doctor on call

The InVision system permits doctors on call and other medical experts to be remotely present in the procedure room for training or support in emergency situations. The remote party connects to the hospital procedure room, can view all connected image sources and control cameras. If needed, the e-proctor can even share desktop to show any relevant information during the session.

For the operating room, InVision represents a turn-key, vendor independent enterprise solution with complete image management functionality and integrations inside and outside the operating room.
Integrate for example endoscopy, vital signs and overview cameras for secure documentation of multiple, synchronized images. InVision offers full connectivity with HIS/RIS, EHR as well as DICOM management and the possibility to view images before, during and after a procedure.
The system allows flexible and scalable installations for the entire hospital, including any or all operating rooms, across departments or even between hospitals, building on a common installation structure.
With InVision in place, moving equipment between rooms or adding new devices is easy, while collaboration to share knowledge and expertise is facilitated through proprietary streaming.

Reference hospitals

InVision is a medical device manufactured under ISO 13485. Running installations are present in several countries including Sweden, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India.

Gävle Hospital, Sweden
Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden
Dubai Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RML Hospital, Lucknow, India
Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, India
King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom

For example, we have integrated these types of devices:

  • Endoscopy units
  • FFR, IVUS and OCT in various combinations
  • Microscopes
  • OR lights
  • Overview/surveillance cameras
  • Pacemaker programmers
  • Surgical robots
  • Vital signs
  • X-ray machines

For example, we have integrated devices from:
Boston Scientific
Canon Medical Systems
Dr. Mach
GE Healthcare
Intuitive (daVinci Surgery)
Karl Storz
Pentax Medical
Philips Healthcare
Richard Wolf
Siemens Healthineers
Simeon Medical
St. Jude Medical

For example, InVision has been integrated with the following PACS systems:
AGFA enterprise imaging 8.0 PACS system
FujiFilm Synapse PACS system
Sectra enterprise imaging PACS system

  • Any type of modality providing standard video interfaces
  • Any I/O, e.g. scope buttons, foot switches etc.
  • Multiple DICOM worklists

  • Route live sources:
    - Input: 8 x DVI-D
    - Output: 8 x DVI-D
  • Resolution: up to 1920x1200
  • Layouts: multi-window layout, quad, PIP, PAP

  • 1-4 channels, synchronized, separated and combined
  • Connections: DVI and HD-SDI
  • Video resolution: any format up to 1920x1080 @ 30 FPS
  • Simultaneous audio recording
  • Local storage – up to 256 TB
  • Enterprise storage – hosted by hospital
  • Export to PACS

  • Two way audio
  • Two way video (full HD)
  • Share desktop
  • Remote control of PTZ camera

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