Routing and recording of medical images

Full flexibility and control

Integrate your operating room or interventional lab with InVision to display images on any monitor in the room and switch between predefined screen layouts with ease. InVision enables you to show relevant information for the current type of patient procedure, and control where to show it. InVision offers you full flexibility to select which monitor in the operating room should display the laparoscopic images, for example.

InVision consolidates multiple live image sources (up to 31 inputs) to reduce the number of screens needed and thus give healthcare professionals a better overview.
View synchronised medical images before, during and after a medical procedure, from virtually any source, at any integrated workstation. The system supports 4K and 3D and is vendor neutral.

Automatic source recognition

It is easy to move imaging equipment between ORs thanks to automatic source recognition, meaning a device is recognised instantly and the image is sent to preselected monitors with preset layouts - all happening automatically as it is plugged in, which saves time if you need to move imaging equipment between rooms.

Better workspace design

An integrated OR/lab allows you to add new equipment while keeping it out of the way, which maximises floor space and minimises tripping hazards, providing you with a better designed workspace where everything that needs to be seen is always kept in view.


Record and document medical cases

Record images, patient information, audio and video at the push of a button, in the OR/lab or from the control room. Automatic recording when the pedal is pressed or when the crash alarm is activated can also be set up: when the crash alarm is triggered (or in the case of other predefined events), InVision automatically captures the sequence of events by zooming in and recording image sources, overview video and audio in the operating room. This information serves as a healthcare data recorder and lets you analyze matters after the event, with the aim of continuously improving surgical outcomes.

InVision can even record and store images acquired with continuous fluoroscopy, with adjustable frame rate. After the procedure, review from any workstation and save on NAS storage or in PACS. Use recordings to create educational material or for debriefing, continuous self-review and healthcare quality improvement.

Control at your fingertips

InVision has a smart three-button unit located below the boom monitor, which allows you to instantly start recording, take a snapshot or switch between connected image sources. This means that healthcare professionals do not need to leave the patient table in order to start or stop recording, take still images or change what is displayed on the screen.

  • Record synchronized image sources for procedure documentation and later review
  • 4 channel full HD recording
  • Save in PACS or scalable local storage
  • Remaining storage space indicator