Remote presence in the OR

By using InVision for teleproctoring, medical professionals can get guidance from experts through remote presence in the procedure room. The proctor connects remotely to the hospital’s procedure room and can view all medical imaging and video with full duplex audio. The proctor can control the camera in the procedure room and even share desktop to show any relevant material, such as PowerPoints or videos, during the session.

Teleproctoring is used for the teaching of new or advanced medical techniques, how to use state-of-the-art equipment and may  also be used for doctors on call to be able to perform emergency assessments.

  • Live sharing of image, video and full duplex audio
  • Encrypted and password protected transmission signals
  • Proctor can control procedure room camera
  • Proctor can select between connected image modalities in the lab
  • Proctor can share any material from desktop
  • Reduced need for travelling