Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) for PACS and DICOM management

Do you spend a lot of time looking for patient images in different PACS archives and waiting for them to load? With InVision connecting them all, you can quickly search multiple PACS archives and load images, video and audio faster – saving time that might be critical.

InVision receives DICOM files from the various PACS archives of the imaging modalities in the lab, collates them into one examination and saves it in a central storage. This means that past examinations from any of the PACS archives will be listed by patient, making it easier to find what you are looking for. Without InVision , DICOM material from the different imaging modalities may end up in different PACS archives and not as one examination, making it harder to find and using excessive storage space.

DICOM files can be saved on a local NAS storage (vendor-neutral archive) or selected sequences can be sent to the main PACS archive to reduce storage requirements and the associated costs.

Regardless of whether you are connected to the hospital PACS, InVision enables you to manage DICOM files and review procedures from any workstation with a client installed. Connect the OR to the hospital PACS to use InVision to open past examinations instantly.

  • Faster searching and loading of patient images
  • View images instantly during procedures
  • Easier to find patient images
  • Smoother workflow
  • Reduce main PACS storage requirements
  • Create educational material and PDF reports
  • Alternative to PACS for small hospitals

Manage multiple DICOM worklists

InVision makes it is easy for hospital departments to manage patient registration in multiple labs using DICOM worklists or manual entry. The system can be tailored to local requirements, such as social security number verification.

Easy reviewing

Install the software on any PC in the hospital for fast and easy access to patient data and images from any hospital department. This means that a physician can review the images directly from their workstation rather than from the technical room, and that staff on the ward can view a patient’s examinations. Physicians can also use InVision to view images at a follow-up meeting with the patient.

Organize in tabs for quick access

Interesting cases can be added to custom tabs in InVision for quick access later. For example, files that are interesting from an educational perspective can be added to a separate tab.


  • Patient registration via DICOM worklist or manual entry – multiple modality worklist functionality
  • Playback of DICOM files, video and audio
  • Frame-by-frame viewing
  • Contrast and brightness control
  • Export to PACS
  • Export to DICOM, AVI, WMV
  • Export to CD/DVD or USB
  • Anonymization of DICOM tags

User case example

A Swedish hospital purchased a cath lab from a leading supplier, including several different imaging modalities. The same lab already had equipment of a different brand. The main PACS system was provided by the hospital, but was not the same make as the cath lab. The department now faced the problem of configuring all the imaging modalities to suit the main PACS. Installing InVision Viewer as a vendor-neutral archive helped solve this challenge.