On October 18 2018, a live interventional procedure from King’s College Hospital in London was broadcast over the internet to the Complex PCI-congress Nairobi, Kenya using InVision. The event was jointly organized by the Pan African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR) and the Pan African Congress on Interventional Cardiology (PAFCIC). The procedure was watched in real-time by more than 300 delegates, who could ask questions during the broadcast and interact with the cardiologists performing the procedure.

The live broadcast demonstrated Left Main calcification treated with Shockwave. For the conference delegates it was an opportunity to watch and learn about an evolving method for the  treatment of calcifications. Overview and detail camera views along with imaging modalities X-ray, OCT, and haemodynamics were streamed from London to the delegates in Nairobi and demonstrated well the significant contribution that InVision can make to medical education globally. With the live case transmission executed completely over the internet with just the click of a button, the interventional team at King’s College Hospital did not have the hassle of a film crew in the room while they were doing the procedure.

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InVision is a vendor-neutral platform for audio-visual integration in the hospital. InVision can be used in interventional labs as well as operating rooms to view, record, store and share medical images – a complete solution for image management.
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