The intended use of OmniStore is long-term storage of data, which in various ways have been produced in research studies from any connected modality. The data file storage structure in the archive is project based and approved users get access to the projects they are active in. The archive includes a web interface for management and export of stored data files. Data can be exported either as the original file or as a pseudonymized DICOM file.

Secure research archive with world wide access

Long-term data storage with world wide access


• Secure web access

• File export

• File import

• Pseudonymization of DICOM files

• Map internal drive to system for faster access of files

• Allow specific users to access specific folders

Full access wherever you are

The purpose of the system is to allow users to use a medical device on site and then be able to access generated files via a secure web access. No patient data will leave the research site and all files can be pseudonymized/identified by number for research purposes.

The system

The system will be connected to a large medical device such as the 7 Tesla MR camera (or similar) recently installed in Lund, Sweden. Users will then be able to use the system on site and all files will be locally stored in the archive attached to the unit. The super user at the site will then allow the user to access the specific files in the project via the web back home. All the pseudonymized files will be given a unique identification number that can only be identified by the project administrator that created the pseudomimization template.

Two factor authentication

Files can be accessed via the two factor authentication. This means that the user will login on the website and then receive an SMS with a 6 digit code used to get access. Files can be locally downloaded or exported to the DICOM server or a setup SFTP. Local files will be downloaded as zip-files, while at the device site files can be locally accessed without web access. The provided key file with the original patient data will be encrypted and the admin user have access to the password for this encrypted file.

User levels

There are three levels of users.

Normal user: can only access approved projects and files defined by the project admin. DICOM files can be pseudonymized. Non-DICOM files are not pseudonymized.

Super user: can setup a project and add users to the project and can also allow the users to access the specific files in the project via the web back home. The super user can also setup a project and add new users. The super user will be placed at the research site and can view and change all projects.

Project admin: can retrieve the encryption key for identification of anynomized files. The project admin is the only person in the project that will be able to go back to the original data.

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