IMAGE CREDITS: Dr. Denton Cooley, Texas Heart Institute

Now more than ever, it matters to optimize attendance in cath labs, operating rooms and hospitals. During the ongoing pandemic, the potential of teleradiology is emerging. Teleradiology is not limited to communication between the physician and the patient, but also includes the physician communicating with other physicians, connectivity between the cath lab/OR and conference rooms, across departments and between hospitals.

How audio-video solutions for teleradiology can facilitate during movement restrictions

Controlling patient movement and referrals

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many referral hospitals have a larger influx of patients from remote, smaller hospitals. Through advance remote sharing and reviewing of patient images, teleradiology can support physicians prioritize referrals and help control patient movement. Prior images and patient data can be transferred to the next hospital, in cases where patients are referred, to avoid the need for redoing examinations.

Live streaming from the cath lab/OR

Share live images by connecting the cath lab to the conference room and let students follow procedures live and ask questions without being physically present in the lab/OR.

Sharing images with colleagues

Reduce or eliminate the need for travelling by sharing images with colleagues digitally. Have medical video conferences within the department or with remote multi-disciplinary teams for patient reviews.

Using remote presence

By digitally inviting a proctor for specialist training, a doctor on call or medical expert in emergency situations, expertise can be remotely present in the cath lab/OR.

We are in the business of creating connectivity in healthcare through image management for hospitals. But in creating that connectivity, we also facilitate keeping a distance.

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