The hospital environment demands high standards on safety and quality. Bildteknik is committed to providing quality products and a high level of service. The company is ISO 13485 certified with TÜV Süd as the notified body, and our products are classified as medical devices.

All Bildteknik’s staff actively work with the quality management system to ensure the standards are met throughout the products lifecycle. This means during development, installation and the customers use of the system.

We at Bildteknik believe that quality lies within providing safe, reliable products and great customer service. We take pride in our service before, during and after installation. By working together with our customers to understand their needs we can use our experience and knowledge to suggest the best option for the customer who is thinking about an upgrade. When it is time for installation, the customer can trust that we will move swiftly to disturb the department minimally. The installation time for most projects is 24 hours. After the installation, a lifelong relationship is initiated where the customer can expect quick and competent service if any issue should arise. New ideas and needs are welcomed by Bildteknik as we strive to meet not only the changing market but the specific hospital department’s needs.

TÜV Süd is one of the world’s leading technical service organisations. They have provided testing, certification, auditing and advisory services for 150 years.

TÜV Süd is Bildteknik’s notified body and has certified Bildteknik according to ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 1345 is the standard for a quality management system which ensures that all medical devices meet the proper regulatory compliance laws and customer needs.

The standard states requirements for the development, manufacturing, installation and service of medical devices.


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