General info regarding Safety and Performance

Our products do not add any risk to the patient since they are not the primary source of information in the examination/treatment of a patient but instead an administrative tool to increase efficiency.

Each of our products have an Intended Use which is thoroughly explained to the user/s during education in connection to the installation of the product.

In addition to the education all Product Manuals contain a Precaution section that the users are encouraged to study carefully.

Within 6 months after the approved installation, we perform Post Market Surveillance activities to ensure that the users are content with the function and quality of the product.

If the customer signs a Service Agreement, we also perform yearly Preventive Maintenance on site to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the product.

Bildteknik offers easily available and swift customer service to solve any problems that might appear. This is free of charge for customers with service agreements.

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