Simplified stent placement in peripheral interventions

While fluoroscopic guidance is necessary to guide the inserted catheter to the area of interest, prolonged exposure to radiation during complex procedures such as stent placement causes significant radiation dose to the patient and staff.1,2 The use of chemical contrast agents is required to improve visibility and highlight areas of interest within the arteries, but does carry risks of adverse reactions like any medication.3

For these reasons, it is in the interest of the patient as well as staff to minimize the duration of the procedure.

Place markers on live X-ray image

StentMarker allows placing stent positioning lines on the live X-ray image in the examination room. The lines are positioned by a control unit that is placed on the cath lab table. Using StentMarker, the operator can place superimposed markers on the live X-ray image while contrast media is making the area of interest visible. Once the contrast agent is no longer visible on the live X-ray image, the markers remain on the X-ray image to guide the operator where stents need to be placed.

Safeguarding image quality

The markers are excluded in the images sent to PACS. If a multi-function display is used, StentMarker will be visualized on a separate section of the display as not to replace the live X-ray image. This is to maintain the original diagnostic quality of the X-ray images. StentMarker is suitable for use in interventional radiology such as peripheral interventions in the extremities, abdomen and pelvis, as well as other applications where the X-ray live image is not visualizing a moving organ.


  • Quick and smooth positioning of markers
  • Visual guidance where stents should be placed
  • May contribute to shortened procedure length
  • May promote dose reduction
  • May contribute to optimized use of contrast media


  • Real time viewing with markers in the live image
  • Compatible with the X-ray systems of all the large suppliers
  • Markers appear in the middle of the screen for quick positioning
  • Digital decoder buttons make positioning smooth
  • The markers are excluded on the stored images sent to PACS
  • Control unit mounted at bedside